For immediate release 9/9/20

The worlds very first interactive procedural cartoons debut with Nightmare Puppeteer

Game made by a strange animation filmmaker creates procedural cartoons the world has never before experienced.

The Internet based game development studio, Imagination Rabbit's latest project, Nightmare Puppeteer will be released on Valve's Steam platform on September 22nd, 2020. Imagination Rabbit's in-house "professional weirdo" M dot Strange spent the past four months developing Nightmare Puppeteer. Strange, an internationally renowned award-winning animation filmmaker used his vast film making experience to create a strange animation tool that anyone can use to make the strangest animations in the world. Nightmare Puppeteer contains tools and techniques that have never been seen before, it mixes the worlds of film making, animation, puppetry and game development to create an entirely new creative instrument that people in an increasingly strange world can use to express themselves.

One of the most innovative features included in Nightmare Puppeteer is the ability to create procedural cartoons that viewers can interact with using Twitch chat. With the press of a button Nightmare Puppeteer will create random actors, choose a random set, then "direct" the cartoon using proprietary cinematic performance engine code. Through the Twitch chat a viewer can control the animated actors movement, the cameras, and even the text, images and video in a scene. The Twitch mode in Nightmare Puppeteer creates a new type of cartoon, an interactive cartoon or the "iToon". In an iToon a viewer can throw a ball of mud at the actor from the chat which can hit the actor in the face and make them stumble around. In an iToon if a viewer likes what they can see they can throw 3d models of roses, likes, or hearts directly from the chat window. "It made me feel like a god" said one early play tester of Nightmare Puppeteers Twitch mode. Procedural cartoons in Nightmare Puppeteer create a new type of media and interactive experience for audiences around the world.

When it becomes available for sale September 22nd, 2020 Nightmare Puppeteer will unleash the following features and more for new "Puppeteerians"

Keyboard Puppetry System- using a normal computer keyboard you puppeteer your actors, control the cameras, lights, even time itself and more!

Shut The Hell Up Auto-magic Lip Sync System- Actors will never stop talking using the recorded voices you add or use a live mic instead!

Twitch Mode- enable Twitch mode to allow the chat to control the actors, cameras and even adding images, text and even video!

HKLR Visual feedback system- taking visual feedback to a new level! Like what you see? Throw a heart! Hate it? Throw mud! + more(Only available in Twitch mode)

Youtubrrr- add a randomized ai Youtubrrr to commentate on your scenes, our ai Youtubrrr's are much more interesting than biological ones.

Nightmare Puppeteer on Steam

Nightmare Puppeteer Press Kit

M dot Strange
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